Who We Are

Little Girl Proud of Her New PajamasSweet Dreams Colorado is a not-for-profit 401(3)(c) organization that delivers, twice a year (Spring and Winter),  new pajamas and books to abused and abandoned children living in group homes and foster care.

Besides working full time, and being the only staff members, the founders, Collette Guida and Pam Dashner, have been delivering over 1,200 pairs of pajamas for more than eight years to these forgotten children of Colorado.

These children range from newborn to eighteen years of age.  Most do not know the comforts of a mother and father to read to them, or tuck them into a cozy, warm bed at night.  Some are taken, sometimes in the middle of night, from the only home they know, and put in strange and unfamiliar places, with people they do not know, with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing.

Sweet Dreams Colorado, with your help, brings hope to these forgotten children for a better tomorrow and brighter future, along with a chance to have a peaceful nights sleep with something that is theirs alone.

Won’t you help us give these children their sweet dreams by hosting a fundraiser or making a monetary donation?